Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Girls just wanna have fun!

Syd's party at the mall!! Very fun! We went to Claires and the girls got to choose something and then we went to Limited Too and tried on clothes and then ate lunch and then the video arcade! These girls sure know how to party!

Happy Birthday Syd! I love you!

Halloween & Carving Pumpkins

The girls went trick or treating w/friends til dark and then decided it was too cold to keep going!

Mustard Mallory, Nurse Syd, Doc. Halle and Grumpy Lion Maverik
Syd was so grossed out!

I should be cleaning or doing homework but I wanted to post some pics! Here is the kids Halloween costumes and us carving pumpkins! Mav was tired by the time we got to pics so not very good of him. Janice and Tyson and Alysa carved pumpkins with us! They turned out great!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Computer is dead!!

so my laptop finally died! Even if it is plugged in it says dead battery and shuts of !! So frustrating ! I'm hoping if I be really good Santa will bring me a new one :) So I am allowed supervised uses of James' laptop and haven't had time to put on pics! Coming soon... Halloween pics and Sydneys party at the mall!! Stay Tuned!!!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Hannah Montana Rocks!!

We love Hannah Montana! I heard on the news on Fri. that they still had tickets for the Hannah Montana concert on Sat. which I heard was sold out. So after much debating I bought 4 tickets and the girls and I went to see Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus!! We had so much fun!! It was definitely worth it. Although Halle was a little disappointed we couldn't get her autograph!! Oh yeah and the Jonas Bros. performed too! It was a BLAST!

Friday, October 26, 2007

"This kid is driving me Crazy!"

Okay, I love my son sooo much but today I'm ready to pull my hair out. He is all over the place! If I am doing the dishes, he wants to stand on the dishwasher, if I sweep he runs over and scatters my pile, if I try to do homework he wants to climb in my lap and then onto the table. I let him eat a sucker for breakfast while I got the girls ready for school. I don't know where that sucker is come to think of it? Does anyone else have oatmeal on their wall or Go-gurt in their hair?? You can guess who is in charge at our house!! Maverik!! We love you Mav!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Happy Birthday Mal! I love you!

Halle Lost a Tooth!

Halle finally lost her first tooth. She was so excited! Here are her pictures! The tooth fairy brought her $2! Man I remember when we got $.25!!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Joelyn's Wedding

Hey everyone!

It has been a while since I posted! Things have been very busy! We just got back from AZ! Joelyn's wedding was on Sat. & it turned out great! The girls looked beautiful! Thanks for everyone who helped us! Briley did all the hair and we looked marvelous! Thanks to the Tuttles for letting us crash there! We had a great time! Hope to come back for Thanksgiving!!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Cabin Fun!!

So I guess Brook and Travis felt bad for us last weekend cause they were going to Grandma and Grandpa Tuttles cabin and as they were almost there, they called and invited us to come for the weekend. We decided it would be much more fun than doing homework! And believe me it was! We all had fun! Of course, James favorite moment was when the huge moose came right up to the cabin! I was pretty cool!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

so i'm still trying to get over the fact that we don't live in Arizona. i'm so bummed when it was time to leave. i just love every thing about AZ, the weather the smell the sites i see, even the air i breathe. i just loved the warm weather when we were down there, but i especially loved the nice warm rain. in Utah were we live it doesn't rain that much and not as long. i cant wait for school to start i sometimes wish school could never stop, but then again sometimes i think i've lost it, everyone could use a nice long summer vacitaion. so we start school on the 21st, i can not believe most of you already started! it is just crazy, at first you wonder when summer vacaition is going to end but then when it does think were did all the time go? i miss every one so much its krazy!! miss you guys a ton!! love ya all -MALLORY

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Starting him young....

We were at the Home Depot a month ago and thought this was a great photo op. Man did he scream when it was time to go... Oh well, I guess it's time to break down and buy a tractor for the boy.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Thanks Grandma!

Okay so we are having major post vacation depression! We had such a fun time! Thanks so much mom for letting us stay! I know it was crazy, but we loved every minute of it! Thanks to Scott for taking us to the lake and being patient with me (I suck at water skiing). I thought we were going to have to leave Mallory there because she did NOT want to come back! Luckily we will be back in Sept for Joelyn's Wedding. Only 7 weeks Yeah! We love AZ!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

What a fun week!

So last week Shelby& her family came to visit! We had a blast! It was kinda crazy with 10 kids, but it was so much fun! This is Tues. at the Zoo! Maverik loved the animals and would cry if we walked away!

Wednesday we went to Temple Square. It was fun!

Thursday we went to Park City and did the Alpine Slides and outlet shopping! I think it was my favorite day. I don't know if Brady would say the same. He got to the top of the lift and decided he would rather walk down! Scott was overjoyed to walk him back down the mountain!

Friday we went to Seven Peaks water park and Iceberg. The kids had a great time. Maverik and Finley just wanted to play on the tubes!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Walkin' Boy!

Maverik is finally walking! It is crazy to be in the kitchen and see him walk by! It is so cute! It is crazy how fast time flies. I feel like he was just born. He is such a good baby! We love him!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Hanging out with the Tuttles

So we have had a lot of fun just hanging out with the Tuttles. We went to the 10 mile race on Sat and had a birthday party for Mav on Sunday. Other than that we have just been lounging around. We are going to take the kids to the aquarium today. It should be fun. Will is such a riot and my girls are loving taking care of Charly.

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Summer Plans

So we started our summer plans a little early. Last week I got the girls out of school early and we went to the Living Planet Aquarium. We have been wanting to go and we had a lot of fun. We are so excited for summer! We have been talking about what we want to do this summer and here is our list:

1. Play in our pool(little plastic pool) -Syd

2. Play with friends- Halle

3. go to the aquarium again study about marine life-Mallory

4. go to movies to see Pirates 3- Syd

5. Go to AZ and see Grandmas fun pool and have a pool party!- Mom & Girls

6. Sleepovers-Mallory

7. movie night in pj's-Syd

8. Have a birthday party for Maverik-Halle

9. Camping-Dad

10. Do school work-Mallory

11. Party with the Tuttles-mom

I'm trying to explain to the girls that we have the whole summer and we don't have to do something everyday! But we are ALL so excited for vacation!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Maverik!

Yes our cute baby boy is ONE! Where does the time go? I have to say at 4:30 this morning I was ready to lose it! I know it's his birthday but what happened to my great sleeping baby? He has been waking up a lot and last night was up from 4:30-7 am!! So I am going a little crazy today! I think it is because he is getting 4 teeth! I just hope he feels better soon, for both our sakes! But who can be upset with such a sweet baby who loves to smile and is happy most of the time! We LOVE having him in our family!! Happy Birthday Mav!

1 Year

Well, it is hard to believe the one year ago we were in the hospital about ready to have Maverik (aka Junior). What a wild ride the last year has been. After a 5 year drought, I was certain we were in for trouble with a new baby. Heck, it had bee 3 years since we had to worry about diapers.

With 3 beautiful girls, another man around the house was a welcomed blessing. Now the odds are 2 to 1 instead of 4 to 1.

Junior has been a lot of fun and I think the ride is just starting and we have many more adventures. That assuming he makes it to his next birthday. Lately he has gotten out of his sleeping habits and I think Britt is ready to kill the little squirt.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

So , I am sitting here blogging when I should be cleaning. Like I said, I hate to clean. For the last week Halle has had a differernt theme for kindergarten each day! Today was Pirate Day. We borrowed some stuff from a friend and I made a fake eye patch. I thought she looked so cute. She has had cookie day, bubble day, watermelon day, teddybear day and tommorow I am going to help with beach day! It has been really fun. Except on teddy bear day I sent her with a bear and then after she left I found her paper and it said she was supposed to bring a snack and some books! I felt so bad! When I picked her up I said, "were you supposed to have a snack?" She said, "yeah but the teacher had wheat thins" Thank goodness! She said the teacher let her use her books too. That is just me lately, a day late and a dollar short! Oh well!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Race Weekend

Yesterday we ran in a 5k race. I ran with my friends and James pushed Maverik in the stoller. It was very fun. The race was Running with Angels and was a benefit run for a couple of different causes. The weather was warm but nice. I had my fastest 5k (out of 3 :). My time was 26:56. I was very excited. One of my friends, Jen was 25:12 and my other friend was like 50:00. James was around 50 min too. Maverik slept the whole time in the baby jogger. If anyone has done a race, you know how fun it is and the adrenaline you have. In Feb. we (my sisters and I) ran London's Run. It was Awesome!! I hope we can all do it next year!!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

So, I laughed so hard reading Courtney & Lee's quirks. I thought it was great. I was thinking of some of my quirks and here is what I came up with

1. I love to sing with my ipod(so I can't hear myself) I think I am great and could make it on American Idol. James said I sound like a dog that is dying. So I guess American Idol will have to wait.

2. I love reality shows. I like really weird ones like who is going to be the next Pussycat Doll and the one with Nick and Aaron Carter. But my favorite is Biggest Loser and I think it is so motivating.

3. I am REALLY afraid of frogs. I know it is weird but they freak me out. I don't mind spiders or snakes, not that I love them but I have an actual fear of frogs. Frogaphobia??

4. I like guys with facial hair. I don't know why but I just think it's cool.

5. I hate it when people tell me to SHh! I know it is dumb, but I would rather someone say shut up or be quiet but I don't like when someone says shh!!

6. I love to dance, but unfortunatley Brook got all the dance moves. I just try to copy and not look so dumb but I still love to dance!

7. I hate the snow and if I see a weather report that says it is going to snow, I am depressed the rest of the day. I love summer time and seeing the sun makes me happy.

8. Like Brook, I love sports too, ecspecially baseball.(I think we can thank Judy for that). I don't mind watching Sports Center and lately I have been watching the NBA playoffs. Go Jazz!!

9. I think my kids are the bomb-diggity. I am sure everyone does but sometimes I just look at them and think, they are so cute! I am blessed with a wonderful family.

10. I hate to clean. I refuse to clean at night. I am sure most everyone hates it but I would rather do anything than clean(except maybe the dentist which I am also afraid of). I wish I loved to clean and be organized, but I would rather do something else, like reading all the funny blogs.

Okay so this was fun. I like reading everyones blogs. It makes me feel more in touch with what is going on in AZ!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Fun Weekend!

Okay so we had a very fun weekend. I went to Park City to go shopping with 3 of my friends and James took the kids camping. I met up with him after we were done. Shopping was very fun, except two of my friend's husbands kept calling and saying" when are you coming home?". I never get to go shopping without kids running around or a someone saying when are you coming home? Oh well, the life of a mother I guess. I have to say my husband was great and didn't rush me! Although, he was busy trying to take 4 kids camping. After we were done in Park City, James and I met up and went back to Yuba Lake to camp another night. It was very fun except, Maverik wasn't feeling well. He was throwing up and his eyes were very red and goopey. I have to take him to the Dr. today. Other than that we had a great time. It was a fun weekend. Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers!