Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Girls just wanna have fun!

Syd's party at the mall!! Very fun! We went to Claires and the girls got to choose something and then we went to Limited Too and tried on clothes and then ate lunch and then the video arcade! These girls sure know how to party!

Happy Birthday Syd! I love you!

Halloween & Carving Pumpkins

The girls went trick or treating w/friends til dark and then decided it was too cold to keep going!

Mustard Mallory, Nurse Syd, Doc. Halle and Grumpy Lion Maverik
Syd was so grossed out!

I should be cleaning or doing homework but I wanted to post some pics! Here is the kids Halloween costumes and us carving pumpkins! Mav was tired by the time we got to pics so not very good of him. Janice and Tyson and Alysa carved pumpkins with us! They turned out great!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

My Computer is dead!!

so my laptop finally died! Even if it is plugged in it says dead battery and shuts of !! So frustrating ! I'm hoping if I be really good Santa will bring me a new one :) So I am allowed supervised uses of James' laptop and haven't had time to put on pics! Coming soon... Halloween pics and Sydneys party at the mall!! Stay Tuned!!!