Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School !

Mallory 6th Grade-Lookin Hip! She didn't want to take a pic, but I said I would come to her class and take one if she didn't let me take it. That seemed to do the trick!
Sydney 4th grade-Sassy as ever! She was excited to go to school and see all her friends- The only one who said I could walk with her!
Halle 2nd Grade- Cute new do and ready to go! Her teachers name was Brittney Brown before she got married over the summer! Pretty Cool.
Maverik- 2 years old -He thought he was going to school and he put on his backpack and said Bye mom! He trys to go with the girls everyday! I think he could pass as a kindergartner, ya?My stylin girls and their cute backpacks!

All my cute kids. They grow up too fast! I love you guys!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer's Almost Over!

This summer has not really turned out as planned. We didn't get a family vacation and house renovations have taken all our time and money. But I have enjoyed sleeping in and having no schedule. The girls start school next week and James and I start the week after that. I think the girls are excited. I am excited, but I hate to see summer go. Here are a couple of things we did do:
Maverik and Anessa turned 2! Since their birthdays are a day apart we had their party together. It was a swim/bbq party w/ tons of food and even more kids! It was a blast.

Mallory and I went with 6 other ladies to a Breaking Dawn Party. We ate at Tucanos and went shopping and then over to Borders bookstore for Trivia and games. Mallory knew all the trivia and won some prizes. We were number 90 in line! We got our books quick! Mallory read for about 3 days straight and then I read it! We loved it.

As soon as I can find my cord to my camera I will have pics of James and Mav at their first fathers and son's outing and our trip to Home Depot to see Tony Stewarts car! And 1st day of school pics soon to come!