Sunday, March 30, 2008

We LOVED Washington!!

They were all very sad to leave! Except Molly the pug! She was glad
Maverik was leaving!
Nan's house is so cute! We had a lot of fun at the Falls. It was raining but still cool!

Ok, I have been wanting to post pics for awhile now, but things got crazy when we got home, homework, sick kids and James still working 24/7. But we had so much fun in Washington and Oregon! It was beautiful and we were glad we got to go! Thanks to Nan & Lynn for letting us stay! Our kids had so much fun visiting their cousins and cried when we had to leave. Thanks to Nan for decorating and making a cake for Halle! We loved everything! Even Maverik throwing a fit at Buffalo Wild Wings.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Happy 12th Anniversary!

I can't believe we have been married for 12 years! Where does the time go? I have to tell everyone the top five reasons I love my husband

1. He always makes me laugh (sometimes almost making me choke to death)
2. He is a hardworker!
3. He loves to cook and is great at it!
4.He can fix anything(atleast I think he can) and always fills my car with gas!
5. He is my best friend and still my high school Sweetheart!

Every year just gets better, I love ya babe!

Friday, March 7, 2008

My Partner

I read Melissa's blog and can totally relate. Here is what me and my partner in crime have been up to.....
Going for a jog! Iremembered why I hate to run with a stroller!

Watching the girls leave for school! He gets very lonely with mom!


Maverik with his smoothie mustache!

I told Maverik it was time for nigh-night and I came upstairs and found that he had gotten up on my bed and under my covers! He obviously knows what he wants!

Go Jazz!

Our school won a contest for reading and got to have a Jazz player come. Mallory's class read the most and so they got a picture with Jaron Collins. I was helping take the picture so I grabbed Mallory and got a pic with Jaron, He also signed Mallory's shirt. It was cool!