Monday, April 14, 2008

Dang that is a sexy truck....

We recently reached a major milestone with our Dodge. 100,000 miles and still going strong. This event occured on my most recent trip to AZ for work.

I always end up doing a lot of thinking when I drive, which to Britt's defense, does get me in a lot trouble.
In the four years we have had our truck we have gone through the following...

5,800+ gallons diesel fuel consumed

180+ fill ups

20 oil changes equaling 60 gallons of oil

Countless number of trips to AZ

One new set of tires

My most recent addition is the RanchHand Bumper replacement that I got from my good buddy Alan. Not only is it massive and beefy, it is also bomb proof and comes with a 15K winch option. Thanks Alan for the bumper and helping me get it mounted up. Haven't hit anything with it yet, but I feel sorry for what ever is brave enough to jump out in front of my truck (insert evil laugh here).

Here are a few pics.

Mallory got to go with Dad to help with the install and she was a big help. She said she had fun, I hope she did since I had fun having her with me.

I love ya Mallory

Thanks for the hook up Alan..... your the man

James "Mule" Skinner