Friday, August 21, 2009

See Ya!

So I just looked at the calendar and realized it's not Feb. anymore! Where has the time gone? I am gonna post all the stuff we have been doing but I have decided to make my blog private. So I know I have a ton of adoring fans out there.... If you want to see my semi-annual post, leave your email address:)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Sis!

I must have done something right in the pre-exsistence, because I got to come to earth with my best friend. She has always been right there for me whenever I needed her. She was and still is a great example to me. Everyone asks how it feels to be a twin and I tell them I don't know what it's like to not be a twin. Someday we will live right next door to each other and be able to go to lunch and shop on our birthday,,,, but for today.... Happy Birthday Sis! I love you more than you know!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Hey, it's okay!

So I am supposed to be doing homework but had to blog a little. I read Savannah's blog and had to add my list of things that are okay... You have to check Savvy's Blog...hers are are some of mine...

Hey it's okay ....

..... you want to eat cereal for dinner every night..

.... your two year old takes your phone and tells you he needs to check his email...

.... you tell your kids the tooth fairy is out of work due to the rough economy....

..... you secretly hate the skinny blonde in your workout class...

..... you want to be Judge Judy when you grow up....

..... you stay in your pajamas and watch an all day Law & Order Marathon look at blogs all afternoon instead of reading Cultural Anthropology...

So everyone add your list of " Hey it's Okay!"

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A long awaited update!

So I have to say I'm sorry to all our loyal fans....I keep checking other blogs and I love to see updates, but have been to busy/lazy to do my own. Since I go back to school tomorrow, I decided today was the day.. Here is a little look at what everyone has been up to....

turned 12 in Oct. ,Loves young womens, still obsessed with Twilight, getting sick of school
great babysitter, an example to her family(especially me)

This was Mallory's big Egyptian project, she of course waited until the last minute but did great!


turned 10 in Oct, fun suprise party, loves to go sledding with friends, still obsessed with shopping (especially shoes), great helper to her mom

I tried to take them sledding but I was freezing, they last a lot longer than me!


can't wait to be baptized in April, still a great cleaner, Maverik's favorite friend and punching bag, great at games and puzzles,a very tender heart

Halle and cousin Angie at Wyatt's wedding


still as busy as ever, loves Toy Story and nursery, loves to sing,(favorite is So What!) wants to play the girls Nintendo DS all the time, can melt your heart with the cute things he says

I thought he would hate the snow and sledding, but he loved it! I kept asking him if he wanted to get in the car and he would say "1 more time "


joined me in a contest for $10,000 to try and lose weight, Definitely should have won! (but we didn't) looks better than ever (sorry girls he's taken!) ,went to a hotel and a NASCAR race for his birthday,still in school, remodeled the WHOLE main floor, a great dad and husband!

James has lost 40 pounds! He works out 2 times a day! I am so proud of all his hard work!


straight A's last semester, didn't do near as good as James in our contest,but loved working out with James, been very busy with school, kids and trying to finish the house, had a blast at NASCAR and can't wait for the races this year...(does that make me a redneck?) love staying home with Maverik and love when the girls get home!

I know we look dorky but we were listening to the drivers talk to their pit crew, and it was SO loud.

I haven't posted on many things that happened this year and I hope to do better! This is my version of a Christmas card, so I hope everyone had a great holiday, we miss all our family in AZ and hope to come back someday...atleast I do! We have atleast a foot of snow outside and it seems to keep coming. I am counting down until spring!Love ya all!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Build A Bear!

Don't you hate it when people never update their blog! How rude:) Brook came up a couple of weeks ago and we had a lot of fun. I had SEP dinners for PTA and Halle had a field trip, so we didn't get to have a lot of free time, not that we really wanted to take 7 kids too many places. We did decide to go to Build A Bear for Mallory and Sydney's B day! The kids all had fun, although I don't think Maverik and Charly quite understood the concept. Here are a couple of photos:Heading to the Par-Tay!

Everyone and their animals

The stuffing machine!

We went to Applebees afterwards and the balloon man was there! It was great! The kids had a great time! Thanks Tuttles for coming and hangin' out. We love you guys!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a DAY!

So, today has been a crazy day! The countertop guys got here at 8:30(they told me 9 or 10). I was still making breakfast and trying to get the girls ready for school. Sydney came down while I was doing hair and said the guys need to talk to you. So I go upstairs and the guy says, It won't fit. Your cabinets aren't level. And then he stands there and stares at me! So I called my cabinet guy and he came right over and fixed them so they would fit(thanks Tyler). But I am thinking, Isn't this something they should have figured out when they came to measure with their fancy lasers? Not to mention the installer guy was very unfriendly and not very helpful at all. Well during all this time, I guess I wasn't paying to much attention to Maverik and I went upstairs and found my home phone floating in the bathroom sink. UGH! We just had to buy a new one! So the countertop guys leave (I get a free sink) I feed Maverik lunch and then put him in bed. Next thing I know he is walking down the stairs and says HI mom! He has finally figured out how to get out without landing on his head. yeah me! I told James if naptime goes away, I will go crazy. So after making Mav lay down 3 times he finally went to bed! Hallaluah!! I guess I am having a "Calgon take me away" moment! And now the girls will be home soon and Mav will probably wake up! One final note: James is out golfing w/a vendor from work!!

So I was standing IN the kitchen and turned around to see this! I guess he needed a drink of milk:) Can't help but love him!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School !

Mallory 6th Grade-Lookin Hip! She didn't want to take a pic, but I said I would come to her class and take one if she didn't let me take it. That seemed to do the trick!
Sydney 4th grade-Sassy as ever! She was excited to go to school and see all her friends- The only one who said I could walk with her!
Halle 2nd Grade- Cute new do and ready to go! Her teachers name was Brittney Brown before she got married over the summer! Pretty Cool.
Maverik- 2 years old -He thought he was going to school and he put on his backpack and said Bye mom! He trys to go with the girls everyday! I think he could pass as a kindergartner, ya?My stylin girls and their cute backpacks!

All my cute kids. They grow up too fast! I love you guys!