Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What a DAY!

So, today has been a crazy day! The countertop guys got here at 8:30(they told me 9 or 10). I was still making breakfast and trying to get the girls ready for school. Sydney came down while I was doing hair and said the guys need to talk to you. So I go upstairs and the guy says, It won't fit. Your cabinets aren't level. And then he stands there and stares at me! So I called my cabinet guy and he came right over and fixed them so they would fit(thanks Tyler). But I am thinking, Isn't this something they should have figured out when they came to measure with their fancy lasers? Not to mention the installer guy was very unfriendly and not very helpful at all. Well during all this time, I guess I wasn't paying to much attention to Maverik and I went upstairs and found my home phone floating in the bathroom sink. UGH! We just had to buy a new one! So the countertop guys leave (I get a free sink) I feed Maverik lunch and then put him in bed. Next thing I know he is walking down the stairs and says HI mom! He has finally figured out how to get out without landing on his head. yeah me! I told James if naptime goes away, I will go crazy. So after making Mav lay down 3 times he finally went to bed! Hallaluah!! I guess I am having a "Calgon take me away" moment! And now the girls will be home soon and Mav will probably wake up! One final note: James is out golfing w/a vendor from work!!

So I was standing IN the kitchen and turned around to see this! I guess he needed a drink of milk:) Can't help but love him!