Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A long awaited update!

So I have to say I'm sorry to all our loyal fans....I keep checking other blogs and I love to see updates, but have been to busy/lazy to do my own. Since I go back to school tomorrow, I decided today was the day.. Here is a little look at what everyone has been up to....

turned 12 in Oct. ,Loves young womens, still obsessed with Twilight, getting sick of school
great babysitter, an example to her family(especially me)

This was Mallory's big Egyptian project, she of course waited until the last minute but did great!


turned 10 in Oct, fun suprise party, loves to go sledding with friends, still obsessed with shopping (especially shoes), great helper to her mom

I tried to take them sledding but I was freezing, they last a lot longer than me!


can't wait to be baptized in April, still a great cleaner, Maverik's favorite friend and punching bag, great at games and puzzles,a very tender heart

Halle and cousin Angie at Wyatt's wedding


still as busy as ever, loves Toy Story and nursery, loves to sing,(favorite is So What!) wants to play the girls Nintendo DS all the time, can melt your heart with the cute things he says

I thought he would hate the snow and sledding, but he loved it! I kept asking him if he wanted to get in the car and he would say "1 more time "


joined me in a contest for $10,000 to try and lose weight, Definitely should have won! (but we didn't) looks better than ever (sorry girls he's taken!) ,went to a hotel and a NASCAR race for his birthday,still in school, remodeled the WHOLE main floor, a great dad and husband!

James has lost 40 pounds! He works out 2 times a day! I am so proud of all his hard work!


straight A's last semester, didn't do near as good as James in our contest,but loved working out with James, been very busy with school, kids and trying to finish the house, had a blast at NASCAR and can't wait for the races this year...(does that make me a redneck?) love staying home with Maverik and love when the girls get home!

I know we look dorky but we were listening to the drivers talk to their pit crew, and it was SO loud.

I haven't posted on many things that happened this year and I hope to do better! This is my version of a Christmas card, so I hope everyone had a great holiday, we miss all our family in AZ and hope to come back someday...atleast I do! We have atleast a foot of snow outside and it seems to keep coming. I am counting down until spring!Love ya all!


CassiB said...

Your kids are getting so big. I can't believe Mallory is in YW. You and James both look awesome. I wish Hoze and I had the determination to get in shape, we keep saying we are going to. Hope you guys have a great new year.

Briley said...

Yeah! I was waiting for the day when I would no longer have to look at build a bear! Love the post! james you look great! you totally should have won! I just watched oprah on how to better your life and wrote a list of things I am going to start doing! I got to get on the wagon or you guys need to grab my arms and pull me up. you guys should just move home and be my trainers! love ya

Brook said...

Ditto for Briley's comment!! I love the post!! Great Christmas card!! I totally want Mallory's hair in your header picture....and she looks so tan!! Your kids are all so cute! I am not jealous of the snow...our one day in Payson was enough for me and my kids! But they look like they are having fun. love ya!

Andee said...

YAY!!!! I am so glad to see you updated!!! Keep it coming girl!! And where is your after pic?! I want to see it! but I guess you can show me when we see you this weekend- can't wait to see you guys!!

CONAN said...

Awesome job on the weight loss and workouts you guys! James should check out this book called "Muscle Chow". It will help get you to the next level of diet and fitness. I have been training for our SWAT try-outs and it has really helped me get ready.

Shelby said...

Wow you are still alive over there in Utah! Love the cute pic of the kids by the water - you really do have cute kids. James you look amazing and I would have voted for you - Brittany where is your before pic in your bikini? I know you have one!!
Hugs and kisses

Alice said...

Thanks for the update. It is fun to get on your blog and read all about you. Good job on the weightloss and great job going back to school Brittney!

Amy said...

YEAH you updated. Looks like a great break. Your kids are SO big. Does that mean we are getting old? Ha! Good job you guys on losing weight. We are on the the 'eating better" thing too.

Josh and Alaina said...

So good to see the updates! I love the picture of the kids up top. Congrats on the grades and everything!!

Stacy said...

your family is so sweet. I can't believe you have a 12 yr old wow! The girls are so cute and little maverick too! Looks like you're still in EM. What are you going to school for? We just left AZ and are now in Southern Cal. We have a little 10 mo. Matthew who is so cute and loads of fun. We sure miss everyone out in EM. Hope you're doing well. Ceck out the link to our blog on Andee's.